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New Website!!! by cinequipwhite
January 19, 2012, 5:52 pm
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Hello everyone!
You have probably noticed there hasn’t been too much going on in CinequipWhite Blog world, and you would be completely right. The reason behind that is we have moved the blog to a new location on the CinequipWhite website itself!
Look under ‘News’ and connect with our new posts. You’ll be glad you did.

See you there!

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.


New Rosco Newsletter! by cinequipwhite
July 20, 2010, 9:13 am
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Extra Extra! Read all about it!
The July-September edition of the Rosco newsletter is posted here.

Rosco Newsletter – July September email

Read up on the Rabbit, Camera Filter Rotator, and all about the most recent trade show presentations.

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.

Now on facebook! by cinequipwhite
July 15, 2010, 9:32 am
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People of the internets rejoice! CinequipWhite now has a Facebook page!

Be sure to check us out for sales, information, videos, photos and event updates on a regular basis. Also, feel free to use the discussion page if you have gear you are trying to sell!

Spread the word!

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.

Kino Desklite! by cinequipwhite
February 10, 2010, 10:19 pm
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Television stations, news shows, cooking shows  and presenters alike often run into similar problems. How to get a light under a subjects face to cut down on shadows and make them look their very best?

Kino have used  their extensive expertise, to produce  a stylish and simple solution to resolve  this lighting quandry . See below for more info:

The soft fill light from the new Desk-Lite 121
makes on-air talent look their very best in HD TV news studios. Hidden in anchor desks and other built-in set pieces, the soft, cool, energy efficient Desk-Lite 121 fills in shadows under the eyes and chin, and smoothes skin details without distracting the viewing audience.

Kino Flo has been meeting lighting challenges for more than 20 years in and out of the studio. The new Desk-Lite 121 joins the family of HD studio softlights such as the ParaBeam and VistaBeam luminaires, providing faithful color and reliable light quality over the long life of our True Match® lamps.
The Desk-Lite 121 boasts a 12″ high color rendering T5 lamp (CRI 95) and parabolic reflector for close range or medium zone distances. Because it’s a Kino Flo, the lamp operates coolly, unlike tungsten hot light sources, and only draws about .3 amps (120vac). The trim, lightweight fixture includes onboard electronics, on/off controls, removable focusing louver and a 180° center mount system.
The fixture displays a soft even field of light of 35 Foot Candles (FC) at two feet; 15 FC at three feet; and 8 FC at four feet.    Up lighting faces on a news desk requires between 5 FC and 15 FC depending on the key lights and ambient light reflecting onto the subject.
~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.


William F. White International in conjunction with CinequipWhite Inc. is once again excited to announce the return of our upcoming yearly Trade Show, the FEBRUARY FREEZE! This widely anticipated pre-NAB event, which has become known for bringing together production professionals with the very latest innovation and technology, will again be held at Pinewood Toronto Studios on Tuesday, February 9th 2010 from 11am to 7pm.

Last year’s day- long annual event boasted an attendance of more than 1,100 leading film and television production  professionals spanning regions from Ontario to the U.S. while showcasing the very latest in technology from over 40  prominent motion picture, broadcast, and live entertainment industry suppliers

Now in its 8th year, the February Freeze  is a great opportunity for any sound, lighting or video professionals in the area to take advantage of this remarkable showcase, attend informative seminars and interact with peers  while getting a first-hand glimpse into William F. White International and CinequipWhite’s  world class  2010 inventory.

The Pinewood Toronto Studios complex is located in Toronto’s Portlands just minutes from downtown Toronto.

The studios boast more than a quarter of a million square feet of production space, including seven sound stages and the Mega Stage with 46,000 sq ft of column-free space 60 feet in height. This is the largest purpose-built studio in North America. Space for ancillary businesses such as post-production companies, union and guild offices, film schools and support and entertainment services for these businesses are available.

The Comweb Group of companies was originally founded in1988 by Paul Bronfman.

In addition to William F. White International, CinequipWhite Inc. is also a Comweb Group member.

 CinequipWhite Inc. is a full service sales company serving the broadcast, video, motion picture, architectural and theatrical production industries in Canada. As well, Comweb, through its wholly owned subsidiary William F. White International Inc. is a major shareholder in Sparks Camera and Lighting Inc., a company based in Budapest Hungary which is a leading provider of production equipment to Western and Eastern European producers.

 William F. White International (WFW) is Canada’s oldest and largest provider of motion picture, television and theatrical production equipment. With offices across the country, the company has the most extensive inventory of equipment in the industry, including the very latest in technological advances.

 William F White International’s most recent productions include CBC’s Being Erica, Fringe (Season 2), the A-Team as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. For a complete list of credits as well as information on equipment for the film industry please visit our website:

“We made a deliberate decision to showcase the latest in production technology in Toronto’s first ever massive sound stage…  We really wanted to excite the industry about everything Toronto and Ontario has to offer. And judging by the attendance, we see that we definitely made the right decision.”

 ~Paul Bronfman, Chairman and CEO of the Comweb Group

Canadian Cinematographer Summer Issue Now Availible by cinequipwhite
August 12, 2009, 1:27 pm
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CSC MAG SUMMERGet excited, because the new issue of Canadian Cinematographer is available!

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, I suggest grabbing one the next time you are at one of our locations. In this issue there is a wonderful article on Michel Bisson (Previously posted on the CinequipWhite Blog) Pierre Gill, and Chris Oben’s experiences shooting segments for Watchmen:Under the hood. Also, a really nice Hot Docs Wrap up, and much more!

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.