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February Freeze Draw Winners! by cinequipwhite
February 23, 2010, 11:02 am
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This years February Freeze was a great success with various vendors bringing in fantastic giveaways and encouraging everyone to fill out a ballot. The draws have now been done and the lucky winners are posted below. Congratulations to everyone!

Grand Prize Winners:

Jamie Sheridan – Lowel Blender

Art Nickel – Steadicam Operators Book

Warren Wood – Arri 650 Fresnel

Brian Hillier – Pelican iPhone case (i1015)

Ira Cohen – Pelican iPhone case (i1015)

Max Putintsiev – Camalign Frontbox chart

Jim Aquila – Rode Microphone messenger bag

Logan Bright – Kata Backpack

Brian Dupuis – Telex Leather Jacket

Other swag Winners:

Mike Sayk
Felicia Sims
Desh Fernando
Peter Ivaskiv
Mark Collins
Arthur Wyeyama
G. Mann
Nano Debassiye
John Bailey
Matthew Seatterty
Colin Allison
Steven Guevara
Rob Sykes
Anthony Jarrett
Walley Corbett
Michael Lee
Kevin Cullen
Desmond Berlingeri
Ernie Kestler
Ian Reynolds
Jeff Chadwick
Paul Cormack
Duncan Macfarlant
Chelsea Springgay
Andrew Watt, csc
Joe Dinda
Nicholas Deligregy
Steven Tsushima
Kelly Irwin
Dan Marritt
Dave Smith
Gautam Pinto
Danny Allen
Lance Carlson
Greg Frewin
Joachim Martin
Sindy Granberg
Richard Dorozynski
Kris Lloyd
Stephen Blainey
Elisa Iannacone
John Papaioannou
Jeff Hicks
Christine Whitlock
Ash Xavier
Tim Troke
Renella Ho-Antonio
William Anderson

If you are one of the names listed here and have not heard from us, call right away to claim your prize!

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.

February Freeze- Lowel Blender Giveaway! by cinequipwhite

Well Folks,  we are one day away from the fabulous February Freeze being held at the Pinewood Toronto Film Studios February 9th from 11am-7pm. For more information on the February Freeze, follow this link.

Did we mention that it’s in the MEGA Stage?  We’re pretty excited about that.  As I am writing this from the stage 4 production office, I ‘m checking out all the amazing suppliers setting up for this show, and all of the William F. White Gear is loading in and it looks Spectacular.  This is one massive space and there is a whole bunch of magic happening here right now.

One thing I have to mention, everyone has to get down here tomorrow, and visit Don Youngman at the Lowel booth. Ask Don for a ballot and enter to win one of the new Lowel Blenders!

While you’re at it, see Steve next door in the Tiffen booth, check out all the Steadicam gear, and enter win a copy of the Steadicam Operators handbook!

~Tracy Alves