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Free Batwings! by cinequipwhite
July 23, 2010, 11:44 am
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No they aren’t for fighting crime, unless the crime is light spillage!

For the months of  July and August Kino flo has decided to give away their innovative and helpful Batwing systems with the purchase of  a Gaffer Kit.

The BatWing® is a light control option to the black louver that is included with the Kino Flo 4Bank fixture.  The BatWing controls the spread and direction of light.  They also contain spill light off the ends of the fixture, without using blackwrap or other materials that restrict airflow and overheat the lamps.

The main advantage of the BatWing is that it cuts the light without reducing the amount of light falling on the subject.   The lightweight BatWing design includes a clip-on mount and adjustable louver panels that fan out when the fixture Barndoors are opened.  They are removable, portable and durable. The BatWing is also available for the Double and Single Fixture.

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.


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