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LED lighting Symposium at York University by cinequipwhite
January 12, 2010, 6:29 pm
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If you have any interest in LED Lighting, York University is where you want to head on the 14th of January. They are having their first LED lighting Symposium where you will get your chance to talk to industry professionals and manufacturers to get the real scoop on what is to come in the world of LEDs.

Take a look below for the whens and wheres:


York University’s first LED theatrical lighting symposium
Professor James McKernan, Victor Wolters, Renee Brode and various industry partners have teamed up to provide the York University community with an LED theatrical lighting symposium. Their goal is to increase familiarity with the evolving world of LED technology and look at how this technology can be an effective design tool for theatre and dance lighting designers.  
They are providing two sessions.  The first session will include a mediated discussion with manufacturing representatives as well as one on one time with LED products and industry representatives.  For the second session York Faculty, industry professionals and Lighting designers will have the opportunity compare and contrast LED lighting technologies by combining it with traditional tungsten/halogen theatrical lighting fixtures. 
The first session on January 14th is open to all, the second session on the 15th is by invitation only, if you wish to attend the second session or if you have any questions, please contact Professor James McKernan at 
Below is an outline and schedule for the  session:
Thursday Jan 14 – Show and Tell 
Faire/Fecan Theatre 
Open to all

The purpose of this session is to showcase a range of LED products in the marketplace to the performance community at York University.  Included in the day will be a moderated discussion with the product representatives aided by a review of preselected questions (see below for a draft sample of the questions). Following the discussion there will be an opportunity for people to have hands on interaction with LED products and meet with the product representatives one on one.
  • 18:30-19:30 / Moderated Q&A in FFT with students, faculty and staff from Theatre, Dance, and FAPF. 
  • 19:30-21:00 / Hands on open house with LED products and product reps 

-Special thanks to the kind folks at CITT for this post-

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.


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Is there a transcript or webcast/audiocast of that symposium available?
LED theatrical lighting at York University

Comment by brian carty

There may be, but would have to get in touch with the organizers. James McKernan – is your best bet!

Hope that helps!

Comment by cinequipwhite

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