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September 9, 2009, 9:01 am
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The_Pal_ShowSo, this years Professional Audio Lighting and Video show has come to an end, and from the responses coming in, everyone worked hard and met some great people. Our booth looked great, and we were able to reach a good majority of people who may not have otherwise known about us.

One of the fun things about the show was definitely getting a chance to play with some of the new gear on its way out.

LED Lighting:
Astonishingly enough almost every lighting booth at the show had some kind of LED option. Pars, ellipsoidals, on camera sun guns, cyc lights, bars; almost EVERY type of lighting fixture has now been converted into LEDs.mac301wash
The major downside to LED’s right now–the technology is not completely refined. It has a tendency to be overpoweringly bright when looking at it from ANY angle, making it diffucult to use as a spotlight. Also most runof the mill fixtures are not color calibrated, so the color temperature can shift many degrees from one luminaire to the next when in use, which can lead to off coloring and often times sickly colored skin tones when lighting your talent. As a background wash LED fixtures are Ideal. They project nicely and can wash an entire stage with ease, and they consume very little power. For travelling purposes this can be the deciding factor especially when 15V wall outlets could be your only source of electricity.

Personally I think LEDs are a great alternative to traditional tungsten lighting and flourescent, so keep an eye on them. The technology is changing rapidly…We could be seeing them as an industry standard soon enough.

Sennheiser Evolution G3 wireless systems:
sennheiserG3We all knew about the upcoming G3 series gear from Sennheiser, but its something to take note of. They have refined and updated their popular G2 series with quite a few changes: infra-red RF synching, improved interchangable handheld mic capsules, and  they have broadened the number of usable frequencies by up to 24 or 36 presets in the 300 and 500 series packages.
Overall its a smartly updated product, and its availible now!

AAXA Pocket Projectors:Aaxa projector P1 - 3
With Digital video streamlining the industry, its only appropriate to have more effective ways to manage your time, and your clients. In this we have seen the Iphone become a stellar aid in many aspects of production, as well as the blackberry, but now there is the AAXA Pico P1 Projector. Its a small handheld LED projector that can display up to 60″ from a unit that can fit in your front pocket. It boasts over an hour Aaxa projector P1 - 2and a half of continuous use, at 12 lumens, with 1gig on board storage, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Its resolution will not rock the world, but at 640 x 480 (Their next gen P2 model clocks in at 800 x 600) you really dont need much else for viewing dailies in a boardroom.
It also connects via an accessory cable to many palm units, like the blackberry and Iphone, which could convert it into an on site prompter, or if you get very creative an option for real time visual effects!

This really is only a small sample of what the PAL show had to offer. Next year will be even bigger and better, so mark your calenders early!

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Inc.


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