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Dedo DLOBML LED Sungun by cinequipwhite
June 12, 2009, 6:00 pm
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Easily one of the best names in the TV and Film lighting industry, but until recently only focused on tungsten and HMI lighting. They have finally taken that step towards LEDlighting, and what a step it is. The new dedo DLOBML (meaning DedoLight On Board Mini Light) truly defines the direction LED lighting needs to go in order to keep up with any previous lighting styles.

In the area of On camera “Sun guns” tungsten halogen sources are most definitely dominant. Any news camera person can tell you a number of the best on camera lights: Anton Bauer, Frezzi, and even Lowel to name a few, but for the most part there are no true LED sunguns to speak of. Dedolight enters the game at full tilt bringing a single LED fixture that really illuminates in a similar style to that of an ultralight with the low wattage of LEDs, and a whole lot more controlability.

The DLOBML runs with a 5600K colour temperature giving an accurate daylight, and with the flip of its pre attached dichroic can be dropped to 3200K in about a second. Not only does it have a dichroic but a diffuser that can be flipped up in the same way, and used in tandem. As well, the head module has built in Barndoor with gel clips which can be folded in tandem with the dichroic and diffuser for transport to prevent any damage from befalling your front optical system.  The entire head module is removable to accommodate for any future modules with any number of accessories (Just think, cutters, iris, wide angle, etc.) but so far THAT part is just speculation.

The unit consumes a handsome 8 watts of power (6-18v) which means a whole lot more shooting with a whole lot less batteries. It can be powered via Anton Bauer P-tap, PAG, 4 pin XLR or with an optional -and removable – battery sled  that can take Sony 2 pin consumer or Panasonic camera batteries. Its a nice option to have the battery shoe because this eliminates the need to keep the light even on the camera! Sit it by itself on a bookshelf or attach it to a stand – via the supplied shoe mount’s 1/4 20″ thread – or use it with a few others for a nice 3 point solution. Imagine putting a nice hair light on a subject or doing some kind of background lighting to improve your shot. Its a great advantage over traditional lighting.

The light has some great control features built standard. Not only is it dimmable (100% – 4% with no colour shift) it is also completely focusable from a 56 degree beam angle to a 4 degree beam angle, and if you add the diffusion it brings the flood to a whopping 70 degrees. Not to shabby in my opinion.

Overall its a nice, lightweight on camera light that can satisfy wedding videographers, news-people and independents alike. Its rugged All weather design makes it one of the most affordably priced daylight sun guns you will ever buy. And without the hassle of buying new lamps!

LED lighting is one of the most fascinating areas of lighting right now and it only gets better. Its nice to see a company like Dedolight get into the field with their optical system to give LEDs some class.

My suggestion is to come in and try it out. Its the best way to really see the power of the DLOBML. We always have one for testing, and can do a demo on the spot.

~Jonathan Stainton
CinequipWhite Blogger Extraordinare

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